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Topics include:

iFIX 6.0 Overview – What’s new, What’s in it for me?
Advanced Alarm Strategy: Alarm Shelving and
Secure-by-Design OPC UA Communications

2019 GE Digital Webinar Series

Join Advantage Industrial Automation and GE Digital for an informative webinar series.

These free 30-minute webinars will provide you with a quick and informative overview of specific GE Digital software automation solutions.

iFIX 6.0: What's in it for me? 

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This is the first in a series of webinars that will introduce iFIX 6.0's new secure-by-design features for high performance operators and explore why it's a good time to upgrade from prior versions of iFIX. Scott Duhaime from GE Digital will detail why it's important to upgrade and the main themes of iFIX 6.0. The following are just some of the reasons Scott will cover:

- Reduce risk by using supported software
- Leverage the latest secure-by-design technologies to minimize the threat of cyber attacks
- Modernize to increase productivity with efficient HMI/high performance HMI standards

iFIX 6.0 offers several core enhancements to decrease deployment time, while increasing operational efficiency to improve equipment uptime and reduce cost and risk. Some of these enhancements include:

- Support for the ISA 18.2 alarm shelving standard, increasing efficiency by allowing operators to avoid responding to unnecessary alarms
- OPC UA server for secure-by-design client connections
- Long tag names and descriptions that capture any hierarchy from your PLCs to speed up deployment
- Domain caching 

Advanced Alarm Strategy: Alarm Shelving
Tuesday, March 5th 
9:00 - 9:30 AM EST

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Join GE Digital’s Technical Product Manager Nagesh Kurella to learn how iFIX 6.0 supports the ISA 18.2 alarm shelving standard. 

With iFIX 6.0, you can use alarm shelving to easily reduce the risk of operators being overloaded with non-critical alarms. By minimizing alarm noise, you can decrease operator stress, missed alarms, errors, production losses, and other emergencies. 

For increased operational safety, alarms come out of the shelved state automatically at the end of the configured period. Additionally, operators can use the alarm summary grid in iFIX to filter and focus only on the alarms that matter for the highest efficiency. 

Attend this webinar to learn how to implement alarm shelving in iFIX and how you can reduce risk with ISA 18.2-based alarm management technology. 

Secure-by-Design OPC UA Communication

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 The new iFIX 6.0 also introduces an OPC UA server for secure-by-design client connections. OPC UA has become the preferred method of communications due to improved security, configuration, and the ability to support structure or models.  

Join GE Digital’s Technical Product Manager Chad Smith to learn how you can use iFIX 6.0 to easily share data, alarms, and events across your supply chain with authentication and encryption. For example, your organization can provide partners with a current value generated from an iFIX node into their third-party applications for increased collaboration and faster response. 

About the Speakers

Scott Duhaime -  Sr. Product Manager at GE Digital

Scott Duhaime has commercial responsibility for automation products such as iFIX, Webspace, Win911, Batch, and ROB-EX Scheduler and formerly Historian and GlobalCare (now Acceleration Plans). Located in Foxboro, MA, he joined GE in 2007, and brings 20+ years of experience in software and web hosting services, sales, and marketing. Scott has a BS degree from the Babson College School of Management, and lives with his family in the greater Boston area, where he actively competes in several triathlons a year and enjoys doing live play-by-play for collegiate broadcasts of soccer and lacrosse along with playing bass in a Boston-area alt-rock cover band.

Nagesh Kurella - Technical Product Manager, Automation Software at GE Digital

Nagesh Kurella has 20 years of experience working on industrial automation products developing embedded control systems and software for monitoring and control solutions through various roles across development, architecture and management. He is a Technical Product Manager at GE Digital’s Automation SCADA/HMI product line integrating product priorities with engineering excellence. Constantly drives innovation as a means to accomplish product differentiation (10 granted patents). Nagesh lives in Hyderabad, India with his wife and two kids.

Chad Smith - Technical Product Manager, Automation Software at GE Digital

Chad Smith hails from the great white North in Edmonton, Alberta. He has been involved with the Automation Software business for 20 years with multiple roles in Engineering and Software management and development. His current role as Product Owner/Technical Product Manager for GE Digital’s HMI/SCADA products allows him to work with great teams both on the product management and engineering sides to build the next generation of SCADA. He has been married for 26 years and is a father of 6 amazing kids. 

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